Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Horizons at Oasis Academy Shirley Park

Oasis Academy Shirley Park all pupils and teaching staff members have their own iPads. 

Having their own iPads to use at school and at home enables pupils to conduct their own research delving deeper into their subject and enabling them to follow their own lines of enquiry. 

The devices support every student on their learning journey regardless of their starting points, removing many of the barriers some young people face in accessing learning resources outside of school.

Every pupil is taught how to make the most of their device, and how to look after it. If an iPad is reported missing it can be locked remotely, and then have its location tracked.

What our Primary Teachers Say

The iPads have been invaluable in both home learning and helping us to further lessons in class. Independent research work has really improved as a result of using them and we can expand our lessons to incorporate so much more because all children have access to them.


Having the iPads has been a great resource and helps with independent learning. 


I feel that the iPads have been a huge help, particularly in relation to home learning. It has enabled us to allow the children to watch videos to support their learning, interact with us via morning and afternoon calls and made this whole situation that little bit easier.


We spoke today about how different this lockdown learning is compared to the previous one. Ash class finds using Teams work helpful as they can better organise their day. They appreciate seeing their friends daily and they like having their own iPad as they can choose a variety of apps to keep themselves busy.


The Horizons Project has been instrumental in bridging the gap between our students, and ensuring that all children still have access to education during lockdown. This project has guaranteed that all of our children have quality remote face to face teaching time and are able to access resources and materials to enhance knowledge and skills while learning at home.


What our Primary Students say


I was very excited to get an iPad to help me with my learning. I was able to show my mum the writing I did in class.


They have been good, they help me when I need to do research and they also help me with work because they have lots of different apps to do with each subject.


They have been good because we can do lots of educational things on them.


You can look up things if you don’t understand the meaning of something.