Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Pastoral Care - Secondary Phase

At Oasis Academy Shirley Park the pastoral care of students is of integral importance to everything we do.  As highlighted in our Ofsted report, pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is supported well throughout the academy.  Pupils spoke of the academy being one of tolerance and respect.

Secondary Phase

All students belong to a form group supported by a form tutor who will support your child holistically, focusing on academic achievements including curriculum pathways, and their emotional well-being.  This ensures children are able to learn effectively and meet their academic targets.  Our aim is to nurture a student community which supports and cares for one another, sharing experiences and knowledge.  We see much merit in students encouraging one another and believe this peer support further motivates students to succeed.

In the Secondary phase every year group has a Head of Year and Pastoral Manager who look after student welfare. The Pastoral Manager's role is to also support the work of the form tutor in getting to know and understand students, maintaining a relationship with parents/carers where necessary.   The year teams work cohesively to support students and their families and also have the support of a wider pastoral care team at the Academy, including the Family Liaison Officer, Educational Welfare Officer and our Student Services Staff. Part of the work of the staff at the Academy, our Student Academy Leadership Team is heavily involved in supporting students across all year groups providing mentoring, general advice and guidance, and initiatives such as running Movies in the Main Hall, Homework Clubs and social events for the younger students.