Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Sixth Form Admissions

We operate a Sixth Form for a total of 215 students.  115 places overall will be available in Year 12 (the Year 12 ‘capacity’).  The number of places will be offered on an annual basis to eligible applicants.  If fewer than 105 of the academy’s own Year 11 students transfer into Year 12, additional external students will be admitted until Year 12 meets its capacity of 115.

Post 16 admission criteria

The academy will publish specific criteria in relation to minimum academic entrance requirements for admission to the post-16 provision based on GCSE grades or other measures of prior attainment.  These criteria are the same for internal and external transfers.

Where the number of applications exceeds the number of post-16 places available and after the admission of students with statements of Special Educational Needs where the academy is named on the statement, the criteria will be applied in the order in which they are set out below:

a) Children in public care (looked after children and previously looked after children).

Looked after children are children who are in the care of the LA  or provided with accommodation by that authority at the date on which the application is made.

Previously looked after children are children who were looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted or became subject to a residence order or special guardianship order immediately after being looked after.

Any application made within this category must be supported by a letter from the relevant Local Authority (Children’s Services) Department.

If applying under the “previously Looked after children” criterion a copy of the adoption or special guardianship order must also be supplied.

b) Children who live nearest to the Academy, calculated using the Local Authority’s computerised system. Distance will be measured in a straight line from the centre of the student’s main home* to the Academy’s main entrance. For shared properties such as flats, the centre will be taken from the centre of the building.  

* The child’s permanent home address is where he or she normally lives and sleeps and goes to school from.  Addresses involved in child-minding (professional or relatives) are excluded.  Proof of residence and parental responsibility will be requested during the admissions process.  If false or misleading information is used to gain entry to the Academy, the offer of a place will be withdrawn.  The Authority must be notified of changes of address immediately.  Failure to do so could result in the child being denied a place.   


If there are more applicants than there are places remaining within a particular category, and where there are siblings or there is no difference in distance from home to the academy for two or more children, random allocation will be used to allocate the final available place(s).

Admission Appeal

There will be a right of appeal to the Independent Appeals Panel for unsuccessful applicants.

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t. 020 8656 0222 x78367

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