Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Curriculum Overview

Love Learning, Care for Community, Build Bright Futures

At Shirley Park we teach an exciting and creative curriculum.  Our aim is to encourage our learners to achieve their very best and to ensure they develop their skills and talents in all aspects of intellectual, social and physical development. As a staff we have regular discussions about how we can be the best we can be, and do the best job we can for our children. Children contribute to the discussion too, through focus groups and questionnaires. We wish our children to practise patience with others, perseverance in their work, honesty in their interactions, kindness to each other and self-control in their choices.
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Primary Curriculum Statement of Intent

Secondary Curriculum Statement of Intent

The curriculum is divided into the following stages:

Early Years

Nursery (3-4 years) (Long Lane Campus)
Reception (4-5 years) (Stroud Green Campus)

KS1 & KS2

Key Stage 1 (Stroud Green Campus)
Years 1 and 2 (5 - 7 years)
Key Stage 2 (Long Lane Campus)
Years 3 - 6 (8 - 11 years)


Key Stage 3 (Shirley Road Campus)
Years 7 - 9 (11- 14 years)
Key Stage 4 (Shirley Road Campus)
Years 10 and 11 (14 -16 years)

Sixth Form

Key Stage 5 (Shirley Road Campus)
Years 12 and 13 (16 - 18 years)