Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


We understand this is an exciting and tentative time for all; your child, you as parents and carers, siblings, grandparents, extended family and friends.

We believe that your child’s education is a shared venture – shared between you, the parents and carers, and us, the staff of the Academy. We each have our part to play and we encourage your support and involvement. The journey starts here!

Induction for Nursery Class

Parents, carers and children are invited to a stay and play session in the Nursery to ensure as smooth a start as possible. We know that every child is different so we allow them to settle in at their own pace.

Children's Welcome Booklet Nursery

Transition to Reception

At the end of the Nursery year, the Reception team visit the children who are moving onto our Reception Classes and spend time getting to know the children in a familiar environment. At the end of the Nursery year and beginning of Reception year the children are invited to 'Stay and Play' sessions where they will get to know the new environment and meet the Reception staff.

Induction for Reception Class

In September, parents and carers of children new to the Academy are invited to bring their child to a 'Stay and Play' session in the Reception classroom in order to begin to familiarise themselves with the school environment. On top of this, the Reception team will visit most children in their Nursery settings and hold meetings with Nursery staff to build up a picture of each child’s needs.

Parents and carers are invited to an Open Evening in the Summer Term to visit the setting with their child, to meet the Reception team and ask any questions they may have. This is a chance for parents to meet school leaders including Mrs Downton, SENCO. The vast majority of the children feel confident enough to attend school full time by the second week of September. Children can, however, settle at a slower pace if necessary.

Children's Welcome Booklet Reception