Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Early Years Foundation Stage

Our Nursery classes (Little Acorns and Little Conkers) are on our Long Lane campus, for children aged 3-4 years. Our Nursery provides the perfect introduction to learning and gives children confidence and skills to transfer to Reception class (by application). Our Reception provision is on our Stroud Green Campus where there are four Reception Classes and a dedicated outside area.

Please visit our admissions page for information about applications for Nursery and Reception Classes. 

In our school we believe that all our children matter. We give our children every opportunity to achieve their best. We do this by taking into account all our children’s range of life experiences when planning for their learning.

Each of our Early Years Foundation Stage [EYFS] classrooms provide stimulating environments where pupils can play, explore, experiment, develop confidence, be curious and learn. We believe it is our duty to develop a joy of learning by being motivated and excited by the opportunity to learn through play and first hand experiences which relate to a variety of themes.

In September 2021, we will begin implementing the New Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework. This new framework provides a strong element for developing children’s speech and vocabulary whilst also providing many ideas for good quality exploring, creating and thinking critically. Our curriculum planning focuses on the Early Learning Goals, as set out in the New Development Matters document, and on developing children’s skills and experiences.

We teach phonics in both Nursery and Reception and we begin slightly more formal activities in the last half term of the Foundation Stage in Reception in readiness for Year 1. Our school fully supports the principle that young children learn through play and by engaging in well-planned and structured activities.

We fully acknowledge that all children need the support of parents and the teachers to make good progress in school. We strive to build positive links with the parents by keeping them informed about how their children are being taught and how well they are progressing.

We promote a seamless progression between Nursery, Reception and into Key Stage 1. These 3 stages build upon each other to provide a firm cornerstone upon which to build Key Stage 2 challenges and attainment.

The EYFS includes seven areas of learning and development, three 'prime areas' and four 'specific areas


The EYFS also highlights how young children learn, and calls these the characteristics of effective learning. These are:

1. Playing and exploring

2. Active learning,

3. Creating and Thinking Critically

We teach these subjects through a topic-based curriculum that encompasses some of the programmes of study that the children will do as they move into Key Stage 1.  We provide high levels of enjoyment and creativity so that children are inspired to learn. 



7 Learning Areas