Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Induction for Reception Class

In September, parents and carers of children new to the Academy are offered a home visit by the class teacher and are also invited to bring their child to spend a morning or afternoon session in the Reception classroom in order to begin to familiarise themselves with the school environment. Children who are joining from our Nursery spend some time during the summer term in their new Reception classroom and meet their new teacher before the summer holiday. The vast majority of the children feel confident enough to attend school full time by the second week of September. Children can, however, settle at a slower pace if necessary.

Year 2 transition

At the end of Year 2 children transfer from the Stroud Green Campus to the Long Lane Campus. At the end of the Summer Term the children in year 2 visit Long Lane to meet their new teachers and get to know the new environment. Children who may find this change more difficult will visit in small groups to help make their transition smooth.


Parental and carer engagement is an essential part of a child’s progress and development and we view the relationship between teachers, parents and carers and children as a triangle where each party plays an equally important role in the child’s educational progress. All parents, carers, children and the Academy sign a Home/School Agreement. This asks parents and carers to commit to a set of principles which underpin the ethos of the school.


We ensure there are many opportunities for dialogue. Parents and carers are invited into the Nursery and Reception classes at the beginning of each day to settle their child and to help them with an activity. The teachers of Years 1 to 6 arrive on the playground ten minutes before the beginning of every day and also walk the children out at the end of every day so that informal discussions can occur.

If parents or carers have any particular enquiries, they are encouraged to talk to the class teacher, Phase Leader or any member of the senior leadership team. If no one from the senior leadership team is available, an appointment can be made via the school office.
In addition, there is a weekly Primary Phase newsletter which is sent by email or can be collected from the office as a hardcopy. It provides information about what the children have been doing, as well as future events such as school trips. We send out an annual questionnaire to all parents and carers so that we can take into account all views.