Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


The knowledge-based curriculum is broad and engages pupils' interests.

Ofsted 2019


The Curriculum at Oasis Academy Shirley Park has been carefully designed to allow students to achieve highly at national qualifications as well as developing the skills, qualities and character to flourish as an individual, a citizen and in a career of their choice.

Our curriculum and assessment model has been designed to ensure students can make rapid progress in each subject that they study. Our curriculum ensures that:

  • Students have many opportunities to test their knowledge and understanding
  • Students can develop their skills over time
  • Students develop a growth mind-set, as they have time to reflect upon and improve their knowledge and skills.

For each subject, key skills and principles are covered each year to ensure that students are ready for GCSES, A Levels, university and other alternative pathways. Students have a number of class based assessments over the school year (at least 2 a half term), alongside regular knowledge tests in each subject. They also have at least 2 progress checks which cover all of the content they’ve covered so far for their key stage, and are sat in exam conditions in the main hall. This helps students prepare for their externally assessed GCSE, BTEC and A Level courses. Please see the assessment calendar here for more information on summative assessments.

To ensure each student is supported in their learning, our exceptional teachers, Curriculum Leaders and Learning Zone Leaders are committed to planning and delivering outstanding lessons to ensure students succeed in their subject areas. Each year group also has a dedicated Head of Year who knows your child, is aware of their progress, and tries to assist them to overcome any barriers they may be facing.  This system increases motivation and ensures all students know how to reach their full academic potential.

The promotion of positive values and character is also integral in both the curriculum of the school and its conduct systems. The personal development of students and their readiness for success beyond the Academy are just as significant as the academic qualifications they will leave with. Students have a variety of sessions (including tutor time sessions, assemblies and drop down sessions), which allow students to develop their understanding of British values, RE, relationships, healthy lifestyles and other important issues. Such topics are explored through the subjects that they study. We also focus closely on developing student independence through class bed activities and regular home learning, which is recorded in their planner.

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