Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Shirley Park Plus


The Shirley Park Plus programme is an exciting new feature of our curriculum that aims to take pupils beyond the conventional content taught across their subjects. In a series of teacher-led lectures and workshops delivered in partnership with Goldman Sachs, the scheme challenges our students to think critically about some of the pressing issues of the day, and equips them to speak confidently on a range of matters. Our teacher-led lectures are delivered by our subject experts, who are given the opportunity to deliver material that they are familiar with at an academic level, and interested in at a personal level. As such, these workshops are knowledge-driven and academically rigorous. In most cases, the teacher presentations focus on a particular question, Is there life in space? How might AI change the way we live? What can History tell us about fake news? Etc. Our aim for the programme is therefore a simple one; we intend to take pupils outside of the conventional curriculum, moving them beyond their lived experiences, so that they are equipped to reach and succeed in the best destinations possible.

Timetable for Autumn 2 term