Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


The first year at Shirley Park Secondary

Your child will receive support from a dedicated Pastoral and Academic Lead, senior staff of the Academy who are attached to Year 7 and our Key Stage 5 Student Leadership Team who help the students to settle in to their first year.

All Year 7 tutor groups are based in the same corridor and lessons are 50 minutes each, allowing children to move around the Academy and study a wide variety of subjects alongside their core subjects. For the first half term, Year 7 students have an extended lunchtime, allowing them dedicated time and space to access the facilities and play and social areas.

Parent’s Evening, combined with progress reports each term help us to track the progress your child is making academically and, very importantly during the first stage of their secondary education, pastorally and socially. Your child will receive a planner on their first
day at the Academy and this will be used by them to record homework and any other deadlines. Staff will communicate any non-urgent messages home via the planner, which parents and carers must sign each week and should also use to send non-urgent messages to
Academy staff.