Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Oasis’ ethos is based on an overarching theme of Inclusion; welcoming, encouraging and enabling all to achieve their best whatever the challenges may be in doing so.

Pupils, at some stage of their learning, may have special educational needs which may include further developing their gifts, talents, learning, emotions or behaviour. Often these needs can be met by providing access to a variety of different activities to suit their learning as well as additional support from their teacher.

On occassion, extra external support may be required, such as an educational psychologist or support teacher and when these interventions are still not meeting a child’s needs, we will ask for a full assessment by the Local Authority. Parental/carer involvement and permission will be sought at every stage of the process. We will strive to enable all our learners to achieve their full potential through provision of this support.

In the Primary Phase, at the Middle School (Long Lane), we have an Enhanced Learning Provision (ELP) - The Orchard - with two ‘Special Needs’ groups , one for the EYFS/KS1 children and one for the KS2 children, which cater for pupils with moderate learning difficulties. These pupils  receive special help each day, through a specialised teaching programme delivered by the school’s special needs teachers as well as help. The school benefits from having these groups as we are all more tolerant of each other, more appreciative of each other’s personal qualities and learn to respect each other as individuals.

Our school has become part of an exciting new initiative by Croydon Council to improve support for children with special needs or disabilities who live in Croydon.

Along with several other schools in our area, we’ve been given funding to provide earlier and better targeted help and support to SEND youngsters. This will enable our special needs staff to work closely with our partner schools to quickly get the necessary support and help for students who are beginning to demonstrate that they have additional needs which can’t be met through our own school SEND resources.
This early help which may be in the form of advice, school to school support, referral to specialist services, or additional resource can be put in place rapidly without unnecessary delay. This is because our group of schools hold the funding between us so we can direct this to the most suitable children in an efficient targeted way.
The initiative is called “Locality SEND Support” and will run throughout this academic year. We will of course monitor the outcomes closely. This will be rolled out across all mainstream schools in Croydon. Presently the scheme is only for Croydon residents and will not impact on students who already have an Education & Health Care Plan or those in Enhanced Learning Provisions.
If you want to learn more about this scheme please contact our Inclusion Manager, Mrs Downton ( and we will be happy to send you further details.

Croydon's Local Offer website is full of information and advice about support for parents, children and young people in Croydon with special educational needs and disability (SEND). 

More Able, Gifted and Talented pupils

Teaching staff provide differentiated activities and a range of support and resources for more able, gifted and talented pupils.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

We understand many of our pupils use more than one language at home. We welcome new arrivals from abroad into our school and offer them support to adjust to their new circumstances and to acquire English. All pupils identified as needing additional support to develop their language acquisition receive individual or group tuition from our EAL team.

Child Protection and Pupil Welfare

Our child protection programme supports each child’s development in ways which foster security, confidence and independence. The Academy has a duty of care and the right to take reasonable action to ensure the welfare and safety of its pupils. If a member of staff has cause to be concerned that a child may be subject to ill treatment, neglect or any other form of abuse, the Academy will follow protection procedures and inform social services of its concern.

Who should I contact about my child's needs?


Our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) takes overall responsibility for the operation of this policy and coordinating specific provision for pupils receiving SEN support. Our SENCO also contributes to the strategic development of SEN provision. The SENCO role is undertaken by our Assistant Head for Inclusion Tracy Downton who can be contacted via email or through the school office or


The overall responsibility for coordinating specific provision for pupils receiving SEN support and to the strategic development of SEN provision is the Special Educational Needs Co-Coordinator (SENCO) under the role of Learning Zone Leader for DSEN, Deborah Center. Contact via e-mail or through the Academy Office.