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Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Asthma - Week 38

Asthma - Week 38
Sandra Griffiths

Week 38 and Asthma for Schools:

Returning to school in September can be a tricky time for children with asthma or wheeze, in the lead-up to the asthma September Spike, otherwise known as Week 38 of the calendar year.

At this time of year, we see a sharp increase in the number of asthma hospital admissions in Croydon.  The main culprits for this include the return to school, with subsequent exposure to bugs and viral illnesses as well as a lapse in preventer inhaler use over the school holidays. Going to bed late and getting up late means a change of routine and established asthma habits sometimes slip. Heading into September without any preventer protection means that you are far more likely to have an asthma attack.

Please encourage your child to continue taking their preventer inhaler every morning and night during the school holidays, even if they feel well. You can download a child asthma action plan from Asthma UK; and take it to your GP or Practice Nurse for them to fill in with you.

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We wish you a very happy and health summer holiday!

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