Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Students at Oasis Academy Shirley Park celebrate and are ready for their next steps after achieving a great set of A-Level results

Students at Oasis Academy Shirley Park celebrate and are ready for their next steps after achieving a great set of A-Level results
Lydia Drane

After a considerable amount of hard work, despite the impact of the pandemic, our students are today receiving their A-Level results and celebrating their achievements. This is the case at Oasis Academy Shirley Park where the young people are looking forward to taking their next steps today after securing some phenomenal results.

Although all students received predicted grades this year, many students have achieved superb individual results due to their hard work and dedication throughout their school and the last two years.

Ronaldo was the highest achieving student, gaining A*A*A,A* in maths, physics, art, Spanish ,and an EPQ. He is off to the University College London to study engineering. He has also applied to University of Cambridge through adjustment and is waiting to hear back. Josh achieved A*A*A in history, business and maths. 

Hussein achieve three A*s and Hamz achieved A*, AA in maths, physics and further maths; both will take up places at Imperial College London to study electrical engineering. Iria achieved A*AA in Spanish, history and politics and will begin a degree in history and Spanish at the University of Durham.

Bartek and Benny have both secured places on the University of Sheffield world renowned architecture course. Bartek achieved A*AA in maths, physics and art, and Benny achieved A*AA in media studies, art and psychology. Both have also applied through adjustment to the University of Cambridge and are waiting to hear back. Nikita achieved A*AA in psychology, chemistry and biology and is off to King College London to study Biomedical Sciences. Chanelle achieved Distinction, A*, A* in BTEC health & social care and A level psychology and sociology and has secured a place to study criminology at the University of Nottingham.

We are proud to have had many other student secure places at top universities across the country including Universities of Manchester, Birmingham, York, Exeter, Sussex, Southampton, Queen Mary University of London and more. We are also thrilled by variety of fields our students have secured course in from fashion styling, interior architecture and film production to electrical and electronic engineering, computer science and health care related fields.

Saqib Chaudhri, Principal at Oasis Academy Shirley Park, said, “This year’s results day has been very different to previous celebration. It’s great to be here today to acknowledge

the hard work and achievements of our young people, and we are very excited about their destinations and next steps. We wish them all the very best for in their future endeavours.

A huge credit to all the staff from across the academy – many of our Sixth Form students have been with us throughout their primary and secondary education, so today is the culmination of many years of study and progress. Special thanks to our Sixth Form team led by Ian Walsh, Eleanor Savage, Hannah Wort and Peter Jerrom.

Eleanor Savage Head of Sixth Form at Oasis Academy Shirley Park added, “We are so proud of and excited for all our year 13 students. It has been an exceptionally challenging two years to be in education and the resilience our year 13s have shown to achieve the results they have today is remarkable. Through all the disruption and uncertainty, they have maintained positive, continued to work hard, and aspire high. The amazing results and destinations confirmed today are testament to their hard work and commitment to their education. They leave us with no doubt of the bright futures that lie ahead of them.”