Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

UKMT Intermediate Maths competition

UKMT Intermediate Maths competition
Sandra Griffiths

Congratulations to Year 10 students, Harrison and Osman (Best in Year) for achieving Gold certificate in the UKMT Intermediate Maths competition. As per their results they have been selected to participate in the Pink Kangoroo competition.

Well Done!


I would also like to congratulate the following students for their achievements in the UKMT competition:

Year 10: Bronze: Faizan, Jiyan, Abdulqaiyoum, Kamera, Louie, Melek, Talya, Julia, Sienna, Charlotte, Samson, Serife, Anthony, Rebecca

Year 10 – Silver: Kirstin, Pranesh

Year 9 – Bronze: Aly, Wojciech, Lena (Best in year)

Maths department are very proud of all students who took part in the competition. 

Mrs Zediu

Maths teacher