Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Pupil Voice

Oasis Academy Shirley Park are pleased to present its first primary-phase newsletter, ‘OASP Pupil Voice’, written by Year 6 students for the students in the primary. The Community Lead from the student leadership team decided that it will be great to have a primary student newsletter to share with the children from the Primary Phase.

The position was opened to all the Year 6 children and a team of them decided to join. They voiced how to write a newsletter that will appeal to the children and share their interests. The primary newsletter team joined with the passion to learn a new skill, explore their journalistic desire, and do something more for the school community. They have worked hard outside of school hours and deserve the greatest thanks for everything they have done.

It is with the greatest hope that more Year 6s will join the student newsletter team to give all the students a voice,  to explore or learn a new talent, to encourage all the students to read about the events that have happened in the primary phase and to be well informed.