Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Secondary School Leavers' Book

Year 11 Messages

Thank you all for pushing me to always do the BEST and nothing less! I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my last years with anyone else. (PS Miss Mintrim & Mr Owen) I appreciate you both more than you would know! - Melissa B


Experiences in Oasis sculpted me into the person I want to be for the start of a new phase in my life. 15 years down the line check where I’m at... I give it all to Yahweh. - Sheun S


Secondary school was an experience that gave me so many hints of how to carry myself and I will make sure Jesus is in the centre. We give him thanks - Sheyi S


I would like to say a huge thank you for the support I got by the members of staff at oasis academy Shirley park I would also like to say a huge thank you to miss Bloomfield for turning my frowns upside down miss Bloomfield never gave up on me or my sister crystal I have had my bad days with miss Bloomfield but I tried my hardest to change and if it wasn't for miss.Bloomfield I don't think I would of come this far I would also like to say hi and thank you to my best friend Egan we have been friends since near end of year 7 she has never given up on me she always believed I could do it we alwaysed laugh and smile when with each other I love her to bits also thank you miss L.Thomas for your support to my family and myself thank you OASP I wouldn't of done this journey without you so thanks a lot - Charlene N


My most memorable memory is going on the wales trip in 2016 and jumping in the water , rock climbing , BMX-ING and archery. it was fun and i improved my skills at them as the days moved forward. I thank all my teachers supported me during my time at oasis shirley park from Jamall AKA: I dunno - Jamall S


My favourite memories of school would have to be the year 9 football team the last year of Mr Norman and we excelled in that year great bunch of players and a great team -  Raees B


A lot of memories were made... some were good some where bad and some I wish I never made... all in all I’m thankful for the people I’ve met and the teachers that I worked with - Rianne W


My favourite memory was the geography trip I went on with my class and then even though the weather was raining all day we still had fun. My message to my best friends are that I love them and thank you for staying with me through these 5 years through secondary school and thank you to all the teachers at oasis who have helped to be where I am today. -  Annie M


Being at Oasis taught me a lot about myself and others around me. I lost and found myself during secondary school and many teachers were more than helpful and supportive, such as Miss Elston, Miss Mintrim, Mrs Gibbins and so much more - Samia B
Every teacher has been so helpful throughout my academic journey and helped me to achieve what I didn't think I could. Really looking forward to studying here for A-level and seeing all the teachers I didn't have an opportunity to thank in person. - Amy B


Thank you to all the teachers that helped me through the years especially miss mintrim and mr caulderbank and to all my friends for helping me during this stressful and strange year. I wish the best for everyone and the best in the future x - Louise B


Year 11, it has been an absolute pleasure being your Head of Year over the last two years. You have all grown up and matured so much over the last year and watching you work so hard towards your goals was inspiring. I am incredibly proud of every single one of you and I know that you are all going to go on and do amazing things. Please make sure you keep us updated and stay in touch! I can't imagine not pushing you all down the school corridors and into lessons next year - I will miss you all!  - Miss Mintrim x


It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside a wonderful set of students. The saddest part in my long journey at Oasis has been not seeing you all to the very end. I wish you all every success in your chosen career, always remember life is what you make it, so make it wonderful. -  Michelle G


I would never have gotten through the years without my favourite teacher Miss Mintrim supporting me ! Not leaving yet guys still here for two more years : ) - Raquel S
Miss year 11's so much you were a lovely year group and feel lucky to have been able to be there to share your memories. I wish you so much luck in the future everyone lots of love and Mrs B hugs -  Kellie Bloomfield, TA
Best y11 class I have had in my 8 years here. Massive shout out my number 1 fan Mel and her mate Jess Badman. - Sean O
To wish all Kestrels (11KE1) the very best for the future. You were an interesting mix of students with varying ambitions but ultimately motivated to give your very best across all subjects. Many of you engaged maturely in PSHE discussions and there were a number of interesting perspectives expressed. What it showed were students with opinions shaped by the Oasis experience + of course your HOY Miss Mintrim!!! Take Care. - J Rose, Tutor Of Kestrel
Y11, a HUGE well done for getting through a tough and strange academic year. I'm so glad our paths crossed, it's been a pleasure watching you guys grow and working with you over the years. I wish you nothing but the finest of Gods blessings, success and prosperity in all areas for your future. Remember, never let anyone make you believe that you can't because you CAN. The world is waiting for you, now go and take it by STORM! Lots of love and God bless. Mrs. T :-) - Mrs. Thompson :-)
Playing card games with my friends was fun - Leo E
School was an amazing experience with ups and downs, it’s really made me who I am now, good friends,good teachers .some, and thanks to Miss Gibbins and Miss Mintrim for always advising me the best and always being there for me ! - Saheeka R
SAHI,SHANWO and RABZ - unforgettable moments my gs:) - Saheeka R
Thank you to Aaliyah, Jodie, Stacy, Erin, Sabs, Sonia, Selyna and Shikaela for making the last year of school the best year. It’s definitely going to be weird not seeing the same faces at school everyday, but I’m sure we are all excited for a change. A special thanks to all the teachers that helped us through our 5 years, especially Miss Gibbins and Miss Mintrim. Wishing nothing but success and happiness on each and every one of us! - Matillah D
SHOUTOUT TO THE RADIATOR!!!! This school taught me pain & love all in one but I’m so grateful for each and every one of you :) This journey is definitely one to remember x - Bejna B


Ty Mr Robinson for ur liveliness and pushing not only me but the whole class to new heights, Mr Owen Ty for ur enthusiasm in lessons and making them worth coming to, thank you Ms Gibbons and Ms Mintrim also for all ur support, Ty lunch ladies too -  Peter A
Thanks. -  Sebastian A
Thank you Mr Walsh & Ms Simpson for really helping me and improving my attitude and work rate in every lesson, Year 11 was definitely nerve-racking but still enjoyable. -  Malachi M-J
I'll never forget my time at Oasis, growing up while going through the years has been tough, educational, exciting and so much more, thank you to all of my teachers for sticking with me and helping me through it all, teaching me new things and helping me to become successful, thank you to all my friends for standing by me, laughing with me and overall helping me too enjoy high school even more! i wish everyone all the best! -  Mason I


I may of started and left in year 7 but to come back and finish off in year 11 was fun. If it wasn’t for Mrs gibbons calling my mum every time I was late I don’t think I would’ve come in. I’m happy to get to see the people I started high school with again and make new memories with them. I would love to thank mr clerkin for believing in my English lessons :) I wish everyone the best in the future x - Jazzmine B
Shout out rocky perfect plug #freeburgers. Free Ryan sheyi and josh, Hope they get there stock back. Joke aside I really appreciate the support I had from oasis, thank you too all the teachers that taught me through oasis, special shout out to mrs Gibbons for her diligence in her work as well as being a good person. Should’ve won the National cup twice, never gonna see a better team. All glory to God for developing me in the environment of Oasis and starting The Changing Room. TMC (The marathon continues) Can’t wait for the 10 year reunion. All Praise to the Most High and my saviour Jesus Christ. - Brandon S
Thanks to all the teachers and friends that have helped me through the last 5 years. Thank you a lot to Miss Simpson, Mr Wilson, Mr Robinson and Mr Watkins especially for helping me to find a real interest in school and keep me motivated to push myself further in lessons and to do the best for myself.  - Jack D 
Thank you to all of my teachers for helping and pushing me to do my best though the years. - Kalea-Jade H
I would like to say thank you to everyone in the MFL Department past and present for their chats and Their support through the years including miss Meinel and Temple and miss Burns (como estas y gracias para mi corazion por un Buenos dias) I would like to say thank you Mr Valance for all the good high fives and breaktime talks and same for MR Owen for the jokes and coversations so good luck everyone and especially miss Emanuelle for her outstanding support to me and kindness towards me so thank you so much but I wouldALSO like to thank Miss Mintrim for being the best Hoy in the SCHOOL FOR her support AND CONVERSATIONS so thanks for everything AND GOOD LUCK IN SEPTEMBER SO BYE - Abdullahi I
Being at Oasis has really had an impact in shaping who I am today, and whilst being here I have created so many memories from making friends in Harmony Camp to visiting Barcelona and exploring their culture. It has been a really good experience for me and I was so upset to find out that we couldn't end the year properly. Since being at home, I have realised how blessed I was to be placed in the hands of wonderful teachers. So I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to you all for investing your time in me, and seeing potential when i didn't. Finally I want to say thank you to everyone in Year 11 for just being who you are. I wish nothing but success and happiness in whatever you do. We are still the Class of 2020 x - Maia F


Couldn’t have asked for a better group of people and teachers to spend 5 years with!! Never thought I’d actually miss school:( Made memories that will stick with me for life. A journey to remember! X - Sydney Y
I actually didn’t think I would make it to the end of year 11 Buh big yo yo miss mintrim mr Robinson and miss Bloomfield for never giving up on me and always pushing me to be a better version of myself even tho I was a pain to yu lot and big up to my one and only bestfren Mel yu held me down aswell and als thanks to rashaan Marita and shaniah for being there for not Matter how bad it got between us and also big up to yu man that I actually chat to yu lot are elite man thanks for making the skl year something to remember - Shamani C
Thank you for guiding me and giving me the wisdom to grow on my own in particularly miss Gibbins and miss Mintrim for having so much patience and loving our year like no other you’ll always be in my heart journeys just starting - Rutendo R
 i thank God for this rollercoaster, and for Miss Mintrim and Mr Robinson because i couldn’t of done it without either of you pushing me to be the best version of myself every single day. Big up the ‘mandem’ too, Erin Samia Marika Kai Myron Ahmed and Tazz! Can’t forget Norman and my Joshy either. I love you all as much as i hate you and wish the absolute best x - Marns


My entire journey in Oasis has been an emotional rollercoaster but despite all of that, I’ve created some great memories such as Step Up in Year 7 and a trip to The Globe in Year 10. A huge thanks to all of those who’ve helped me through hard times :) <3 -  Anita M


I’ve only been at oasis for 2 short years but have felt welcomed by the teachers and students from the day I joined ,Ive had some live experiences with people that I’m never going to forget (shout out to my real ones they know who they are ;) . I really wanted to put a good quote In case I get famous but I can’t think of one so BIG UP OASIS CLASS OF RONA 2020 -  Marika M
Thanks to everyone at Oasis who helped sculpt me into the person I want be as I start a new phase in life. My experience here will never be forgotten. - Lewis F
I throughly enjoyed my 5 years at Oasis, created some phenomenal memories which I will remember for the future, I am grateful for all the teachers who have taught me over the years and all the students within our year and school who have supported me and been lots of fun! Favourite memory= Leaving class to go play Football that was brilliant especially leaving Mr Healy’s class in English to play Football on a Wednesday was the greatest moment Ain’t got any favourite teacher but Shout outs to a couple of teachers Ms Gibbons(Legend), Mr Desanges, Miss Mintrim, Mr Owen( Arjen Robben), Mr Norman( Veteran), Mr Anderson, Mr Wynter, Mr Femi, Ms Bloomfield, Mr Healy, Mr Berkeley, Mr Clerkin, Mr Walsh, Mr Phelan, Mr Vallance and Mr Chaudiri. - Alex W
Thank you to everyone that helped guide me through my secondary life, it has helped carve my path for my future life - Taylor R


A lot of memories were made in the 5 years I spent here, both good and bad but I learnt a lot throughout and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I’m thankful for the friends and relationships I’ve made and I hope to maintain and make new memories in the future with these amazing people x -  Jodie Z
Ayeee where do I start. The last 5 years have been ones to remember and I’m sure that they have help guide my future in a positive way. Thank you all the teachers that ever taught me it’s been an honour receiving your teachings and getting to know you. Big up all o the mandem they know who they are. Peace yo - Joshua s


My 5 years at Oasis like most of us have been a rollercoaster, but if Im really honest I wouldn't change any of it as it has made me who I am today. I want to thank all those teachers who believed in me when I didn't believe in myself and pushed me to be my best. But most of all I want to thank God for all the people He put in my life, good and bad and for getting me through it. I hope all the relationships I've made will only continue to grow fron here. I wish you all the best in the future and hope you achieve whatever you put your mind to. Anyways shout out to my real ones you know who you are and I acknowledge you lool. - Shireesha N


Good blessings mandem - Abdi S


Thank you to all the staff at Oasis, especially the teachers who really helped me improve my skills in lessons. Special shout out to Miss Gibbins for her hard work and diligence in her work and helping me mature into a young man. All Glory To God for starting The changing room (TCR) in Oasis and i hope to see it continue and expand. OASP 2015-2020 Football Team was the best team to come out of Oasis, shame we didn’t win nationals but we can only cherish the memories we made together. Thank you Jesus for maturing me in the environment of Oasis and protecting us through the 5 year’s at Oasis. I hope to see everyone if there a 10 year reunion. Time for us (C.O.G) to Dominate and take what is ours. Brandon S