Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Life in the Sixth Form

What makes our Sixth Form special?

Now that you are embarking on the journey from Year 11 to Sixth Form, we would encourage you to consider all of the options available and look at as many schools and colleges as possible so that you choose the place that is right for you.  We are incredibly fortunate to retain our highest performing Year 11 students into our Sixth Form each year, but we are also pleased to open our doors and welcome students from other schools across Croydon and the surrounding boroughs.

Of course we think our Sixth Form Centre is special!  Students are well prepared for the next stage of their education, training or employment because they take appropriate qualifications and achieve well.  In both 2017 and 2018 students' progress on A-level courses was well above the national average. However, we also believe that being a centre of educational excellence is about so much more than performance and achievement.  An extension of the Primary and Secondary Phase sections of our Academy, we offer a safe and supportive environment with a strong sense of family. As the bridge to Higher Education, we encourage students to become independent learners but we also understand that there is a transition period and that this doesn’t happen overnight.  We aim to be there every step of the way, supporting and nurturing progress during Year 12 so that, by Year 13, this independence has evolved naturally.

We have high standards of all applicants.  Further information regarding entry requirements can be found on our Curriculum page but we would suggest you contemplate your options carefully and consider A-level courses that you will achieve at least a Grade 5 in at GCSE.  


Student Leadership

Sixth Form students will be leaders of the Academy.  The Academy Prefects will assist staff in duties and be role models and mentors to younger students.  They will meet monthly with the Principal and members of the Academy Leadership Team to discuss issues, review policies and procedures and be the student voice on all matters relating to the Academy.  These roles of responsibility will greatly assist personal development, build confidence and enhance personal references and cvs.

Dress Code

Sixth Form students are role models to younger students and should set a good example.  They are expected to ensure that their overall appearance is of a professional standard suitable to a business environment.

All Sixth Form students will be issued with a photo-card type Identification Badge which must be worn and visible at all times.  Lost badges must be replaced and will be charged for.

Dress Code for male students

  • A suit or smart jacket and tailored trousers.
  • Shirt and tie.
  • Plain round or ‘v’ neck jumpers or waistcoats are permitted under the jacket.
  • Smart leather or leather type shoes.

Dress code for female students

  • Jacket with matching skirt, dress or full length tailored trousers.
  • Shirt or blouse with collar
  • Plain round or ‘V’ neck jumpers or cardigans are permitted under the jacket
  • Smart leather or leather type shoes
  • Skirts and dresses must be of an appropriate length


  • Students studying AS/A2 sports should wear Academy PE kit for their timetabled lessons. 
  • Academy ‘Rugby’-style top
  • Academy white polo shirt
  • Academy black sports shorts
  • Academy sports socks
  • Trainers and/or dance footwear
  • Optional item:  Tracksuit bottoms, full or ¾ length in black or navy blue
  • Students representing the Academy in dance performances should wear Academy ‘Dance’ T-shirts.

Unacceptable items

Any item that is deemed by the Sixth Form Staff as inappropriate in a formal business environment.  Including:

  • T – Shirts, sweatshirts, ‘hoodies’, jumpers with large logos
  • Denim jackets or biker type leather jackets.
  • Shorts, dungarees, jeans, leggings, tracksuits.
  • Trainers, boots, canvas shoes or flip flops
  • Coloured shoelaces
  • Expensive or obtrusive jewellery, nose studs, eye brow studs.
  • Large earrings
  • Outlandish hair styles or colours (no shaved heads), or facial hair.
  • Patterns or shapes cut into hair or eyebrows
  • Tattoos should not be visible.

It is beyond the scope of the dress code to provide guidance to cover every eventuality.  In the event of queries the Head of Sixth Form will act as the arbiter.  The Academy reserves the right to ask students who we deem to be dressed inappropriately to go home and change.

Attendance, Punctuality and Non-Contact Periods

Students must arrive at the Academy for 08.20 ready for Lesson 1 which begins at 08.30.  Students on morning duty rota may need to arrive earlier.

The Academy generally operate a 3 X 100 minutes periods day, with school finishing at 3.00 pm.

Full and punctual attendance at lessons is an expectation we have of all students. Students who are persistently late to class or who absent themselves without good reason will be jeopardising their place in the Sixth Form.

If there is a legitimate reason for a student’s absence, we ask that parents provide a note to this effect. Absences may be legitimated in three ways: through a phone call to the school office (020 8656 0222); through a letter to be handed to your son/daughter’s tutor or by e-mail, to

Non Contact Periods

Students will have on their timetables periods that are classified as independent study periods, ie non-contact periods. We expect that students will use this time for private study and that any non-contact periods in the day will be spent on the academy site. 

Travelling to School

Bus:  Sixth Form  students should ensure they have the correct Oyster card applicable for their age e.g.  16+ Zip Oyster Card from

Mopeds:  You may bring your mopeds to the Academy and park it in the designated area.  You must be fully insured and have registered your moped with the Sixth Form Administrator.  The Academy will accept no responsibility for student mopeds.  Due care and attention must be paid whilst driving in or around the Academy, otherwise permission will be withdrawn.

Car:  Driving lessons must not be booked during timetabled lessons.  Authorised Absence will only be granted for a driving test.

There are no car parking facilities on the Academy site for students.  Students who drive their own car to and from the Academy must inform the Sixth Form Administrator and provide details of their car registration.  Students must park their car safely, responsibly and with consideration to our local neighbours.  Students are reminded that neighbouring streets to the Academy are residential roads and must not block driveways or footpaths.

Part-Time Work

We recognise that many students will want to take up part-time employment and this can be a positive way of learning time-management skills.   Any part-time job must not be to the detriment of studies a maximum of 10 hours per week is advised and work commitments should be reduced during exam periods.